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Lightweight blogging platform

Anchor CMS is a free and open-source blog system that offers lightweight features mainly designed for you to give full attention in writing and art-directed blogging. Its admin interface is streamlined with the most vital features and functions essential to conducting the tasks. These include the creation of new posts and pages and managements of comments, categories, and users. It also offers the organization of custom fields. 

Write and design blogs with ease

From the admin interface down to the themes, everything is basically made with simplicity in mind. Creation or modification of themes can effortlessly be done as long as you know the basics of PHP and HTML/CSS. Its drag-and-drop function makes all the editing process easier. For instance, you want to customize CSS, JavaScript, or the image in your post, you only need to drag and drop the file over Anchor’s editing section, and the app will take over the next steps. 

On top of that, this CMS platform allows you to have freedom in writing your own thoughts and put your words in Markdown or HTML however you want. It’s also compatible with i18n—a process of adapting local languages to a certain product or service. With this, you will only need to select a language file to apply the translation in your blog post.  

Anchor CMS can be installed in just two minutes, possibly because it weighs smaller than a standard JPG image. However, bear in mind that it only supports the most recent browsers, which means IE6/7/8 and other old browsers can’t run this app. Nevertheless, Anchor is a must-try productivity tool for bloggers that focuses more on writing than extravagant blogging features. 


  • Lightweight features
  • Effortless creation and modification of themes
  • Drag-and-drop function
  • Streamlined admin interface


  • Can’t be run in old browsers

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Anchor CMS


Anchor CMS 0.12.7 for PC

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